Seungho and Joon accidently opening the door whilst the MCs were still interviewing other groups and talking

Be A Man M/V May Just Be Those Men In A Box….BUT THERE’S A REASON!?


Okay so I’m watching the Music Video for MBLAQ’s 남자답게 like a million times right? And I just now realized that there could be a reason instead of just dancing in a set.

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Cheondung has that buffness that probably makes him the best hugger ever.


those who are in chile

shit are you guys okay D:

mblaq’s korean mv’s (inspired by this and this)

joon and the technology will never be friends


140324 MBLAQ Thunder “BROKEN” ShowCase Photo

Cr. That’s Right, Special SSONG


140309 MBLAQ Thunder ‘Moonnight’ Photo

Cr. @Flowerdung

MBLAQ MCD backstage