ladies’ code’s rise passed away today at 10:10am. may she rest in peace.


{ Rest in peace to the two talented and beautiful angels of Ladies’ Code, Rise and EunB. Two lives that were taken way too soon. The skies have called for your presence and I hope you watch over us well. This is just so heartbreaking and I hope we can all band together to get through this tragedy with steady hearts. }

Rest in peace Rise and EunB


how can people have the nerve to say ‘thank god it wasn’t my bias’? 

do you not understand that a human being has passed away?

eunbi might’ve been an idol, but she was human too.

it doesn’t matter if you are a ladies’ code fan or not, a life is a life and is precious no matter who it belongs to. my condolences to her family, friends, members, fans and to the driver’s family and friends. 

R.I.P EunB. You really are beautiful. Heaven has gained another talented angel. 

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I wanna do a project to send to the girls for when they all recover. I want them to truly see how much Lavelies care about them. Whether you’re a fan or not, it would mean a lot.


Jesus you gotta tell me what fabric softener you use

A week has passed.

I’m not sure what I did all week

It was such an unproductive blur



The lizard is hungry.



80% of horses are allergic to social regression